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Using an Agent in Cayman

Rental Agents in Grand Cayman have access to most, if not all, listed properties across Island whether that property is listed with their agency or not; as they work on a co-broke basis which means they can set up viewings on your behalf and do the leg work so you only need to deal with one agent. Always mention to your agent if you are working/have worked with others to save repeat viewings being arranged. Our helpful agents will be more than happy to assist you with your property search, get in touch with us today!

When to start looking

Most leases start on the first of the month so planning ahead is advised, although empty properties will take a pro-rated amount to move in mid month and you will pay full rent going forward . We advise all new arrivals to the Island to have alternative accommodation arranged for 7-10 days upon arrival to Grand Cayman to give you time to get to know the Island, speak to an agent, set up some viewings and deal with the necessary paperwork. The last thing you want is getting tied into a long term lease at the wrong property. Working with our experienced and friendly agents will allow you to feel confident about finding to right place to live, we work with you to understand your property needs and show you as many options as we can.
High Demand months

The Winter months called ‘dry’ season in Cayman (Dec to April) is generally the busiest time of year for renting a property, however from August onwards it starts to become a competitive market due to the high volume of new seasonal employees, teachers and students coming to the Island to start the new semester at school or University. You may wish to get a head start in looking for a property to rent but anything over two months is too far in advance and the properties you like at the time will most likely not be available for you.
Start- up costs

It is advisable to have set aside your start- up costs when looking for a new place to rent, these include : One month’s full rent, one month’s full deposit, electric deposit, water deposit, telephone/internet set up, cable set up (if not included in your rent). The Cayman New Resident website is invaluable to help you get a good idea of how much you will be likely to need when setting up home here. 


Properties in Cayman tend to be furnished or fully furnished, very few will be offered unfurnished. Furnished properties include all basic furniture, appliances and blinds or curtains; whereas fully furnished includes all the above plus linens, kitchen wares and equipment. TV’s, stereos, DVD etc. are a separate matter so always enquire whether your property includes these or not, you may also find it common that rented properties come with basic cable included.  It may be worth bringing a set or two of your own linens/towels and any small home decorations with you to the Island as most employers will provide a luggage/shipping allowance and you will not be due to pay duty if the belongings are more than 6 months old. You may also find that purchasing new quality bedding and towels on Island at a fair price is difficult.
Hurricane Preparation

Be prepared for Hurricane season in Cayman by ensuring you have the necessary supplies to get you through any bad weather as it is unknown just how much damage a storm will cause until it’s over. Be prepared for the worst by putting together a 7 day supply for each person in the household and be sure to include extra supplies of prescription medicine. Start collecting the supplies a little at a time every supermarket trip from the start of the season to manage the cost. See ecay online for a full supply list and up to date weather reports.

REM Services agents look forward to assisting you with finding your perfect property to rent in Cayman, register with us today to start your search and we will keep you up to date with all the latest news and properties available.