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REM Services Ltd. offers a full range of strata management services.

We tailor our management to suit your needs and can advise further on how we can best assist you by contacting

Strata living can be complicated, let REM Services work with you to help organize, control and coordinate the strategic and operational management for the property. Our staff have years of experience and are on the ground ready to deal with various contractors and suppliers in carrying out maintenance and upgrades to provide services such as security, cleaning and property maintenance as well as ensuring the owners and tenants adhere to the registered by-laws.

REM Services Ltd, will work at the direction of the owners Executive Committee and their role is one of a banker, administrator and lawyer. We manage the funds of the owners, issue notices, hold the position of Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary if the Exco wishes.

Our strata services are offered to both residential and commercial properties; our services include administration of strata accounts, collections of strata fees, administering the day to day management of the strata, screening and acquiring qualified tenants, tracking occupancies and vacancies, conducting regular inspections, and advising on preventive maintenance. We select professional, reputable vendors giving us the ability to respond to tenants needs in a timely manner and at best value to the owners.

Offering computerized property management accounting, and data system software to ensure comprehensive reporting. We also offer services to accommodate each individual property needs which include attending committee meetings when requested, liaising with directors and members and fully documenting minutes of AGMs and EGMs, insurance documents and owners details.

You know you are in good hands with our dedicated professional guidance, and above all we strive to maintain friendly relationships.

REM Services Ltd, is a full service Strata Management team ready to serve you better, call us today for further information.