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'Tenant Find' Packages
The Cayman Islands are a great place to rent a home, retail store or storage facility, but actually finding these tenants can be challenging on your own. Allow us to connect you through our database with ready and qualified tenants to keep your units filled.
Every month a unit sits empty could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Finding tenants to fill empty units quickly is extremely important for your success. REM Services ltd will list your property on our website and fully market throughout the Island to fill our unit as quickly as possible.
Potential tenants can easily sift through our user friendly website to find the perfect property to suit their needs. We refine the property searches by price, pet friendliness, location and many more options. We believe in staying connected and fostering positive relationships between landlords and tenants.
 REM Services Ltd. will find, qualify and screen tenants through our simple application form which provides us with detailed information on the tenant so we can give our landlords all the relevant information they need! 
We can provide our landlords with draft leases which can be prepared for you to review, and appropriate for your property. We can customize our lease templates to match your needs, and give you consultation on what we feel should be included. You can be confident that nothing is left out on your lease, our leases are checked and carefully worded to benefit both the landlord and the tenant.