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Why hire a Strata Mangement Company?

Why hire a Strata Mangement Company?

Usually a good agency comes with many, many years of experience when handling Strata Schemes of all sizes and complexity and nothing comes as a surprise to these hardened operators.  An experienced company like REM Services has seen it all before and knows exactly what to do when some of the more weird and wonderful issues of strata living appear. This is where a good Strata Manager is invaluable and can save many from having to reinvent the wheel time and time again.

The cost savings of a well structured and efficient Strata Management in terms of time, money, heartache, disappointment and frustration for the scheme and Exco Committee can be enormous - thanks mainly to the Strata Manager's array of knowledge and experience.  Its very difficult for those not so "street-wise" to be as efficient and effective as REM Services.

Many people living in strata are not fully aware of what's actually involved in proper Strata Management, nor do they realize exactly what must be done by their Strata Mangers.  I think most would be quite shocked if they had to spend a month or two in their shoes.

If that did occur, there would be a lot more understanding and appreciation of just how difficult a job Strata Management can be for the relatively small amount of remuneration they receive.  Most of what is done is"behind-the-scenes" work and many owners are simply oblivious to the amount of work actually carried out.

There are many people out there who think that Strata Management fees are always too high for the work done.  This could NOT be further from the truth when you look at the reality of it all.  It's just that most of the work and effort put in by a Strata Manager is mainly behind the scenes and goes mostly unnoticed.  They're like little elves working away silently yet effectively - in the background - for the good of the Owners and the scheme.

Consider this............

There aren't many professional businesses around these days that charge their customers less than $8 per week (or $400 per year) to do some sort of task or job - especially if its on a regular basis.

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